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2Pack Apple Original Charger Apple MFi Certified Lightning to USB Cable Compatible iPhone 1111 ProXs MaxXrXsX876s6 plus5siPad ProAirMiniiPod TouchWhite 1M33FT Original Certified Lightning Cables Pack OUeK5gnlZ



  • Product Code:OUeK5gnlZ
  • Availability:In Stock

High Quality Materials

  • High-Quality TPEPVC materials can effectively improve the practicability and wear resistance of the productlsand Durable. Will not Appear (BreakShort CircuitRust)

High-quality TPEPVC Materials Can Effectively improve The Practicability and Wear Resistance of The Product.

  • The reversible one-piece connector will drive the other parts of the cable to bend together when you bend the cable headincreasing their flexibility.Effectively Avoid entanglement of Cables.
  • The Compact Connector Can Keep the Device Connected When Shaking.

Remind You

  • This Cable is only suitable for devices with Lightning interface.USB A to Lighning Cable.
  • Cannot be used in Micro Port and Type C Port Devices.

This lightning cable adopts connector -E75.

This cables ensure 100% compatibility with any Lightning device.You will NEVER get the "NOT COMPATIABLE" screen. With high-quality and sturdy engineeringMokories Lightning Cable is a must have for you.

Revolutionary Durability

Fully support iTunesData Syncing and Battery Charging. The anodized connectors and an additional layer of protection ensure superior functionality under heavy usage. Cables have been tested to bend 90-degrees 10000 times.

Durable-Quick Charging

This lightning cable is made of environment-free safty TPE materials.

Braided copper stratum with tinfoil to prevent interference and purity oxygen free copper for high-speed data syncing and fast charging.

Supports fast charging (up to 2.4A current) while preventing overheating.


Fast iPhone charger will completely sync and charge all Apple devices that have a lightning port and is compatible with the latest iOS.

These include Apple iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone 8 PlusiPhone 8iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 7iPhone 6siPhone 6iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6 PlusiPhone 5CiPhone 5SiPhone 5iPad Air / Air 2iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3iPod nano (7th generation)and iPod touch (5th generation)


1.Color White

2.Interface USB 2.4 A type to Lightning

3.Connectors 8 pin

4.Diameter 2.8mm

5.Length 1m or 3.3 feet

Ensures Output 5V/2.4A (Max).
This cable is made of environment-free safety TPE materials.
Premium Material Original lightning cable adopts connector E75.performance increased by 30%.
Ensures safely charge and sync with your Apple devices.
Exquisite Workmanship Ensures high speed charging and be tested to bend 90-degree more than 10000 times.

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