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65W Ac AdapterLaptop ChargerPower Supply for Acer Spin 1 3 5 SP111 SP314 SP315 SP513 SeriesSP51354N74V2 SP31421R56W SP31454N58Q7 SP31454N77L5 54N50W3 54N74V2 SP31453N77AJ SP11133P1XD Chargers Adapters BlackGray xpOTEsGsR



  • Product Code:xpOTEsGsR
  • Availability:In Stock

EMAKS- Your Best Choice

EMAKS have registered a U.S. Mark and the serial number is 87249070;AndWe are USA based Company that Wants your Repeat Business.



Input AC/DC 100-240V 50-60Hz

Output 19V 3.42A

Power 65W

Connctor size 3.0x1.1mm (reference the pictures)

-Package included

1 x Adapter with US Plug

-Compatible with laptop models

Acer Spin 1 3 5 SP111 SP113 SP314 SP315

Acer Spin1 SP111 SP111-31 SP111-32 SP111-32N SP111-33 SP111-34N

SP111-31N SP111-31-C62Y SP111-31-C2W3 SP111-31-C1Q6 SP111-31-P40B SP111-31-C0RZ SP111-31N-C4UG SP311-31N-P2GH SP111-31N-C4UG SP111-32N SP111-32-P1KP SP111-32N-P6CV SP111-32N-C7RD SP111-32N-C7RD SP111-32N-C4C7 SP111-32N-P7E4 SP111-32N-C2X3 SP111-32N-C88M SP111-32N-P6CV SP111-32N-P6ZT SP111-32N-P4C0 SP111-32N-P1PR SP111-32N-P2V2 SP111-33 SP111-33-P88S SP111-33-C6UV SP111-33-C58B SP111-33-C5HL SP111-33-C1Y3 SP111-33-P4VC SP111-33-C1Y3 SP111-33-P1XD SP111-34N

Acer Spin1 SP113 SP113-31 SP113-31-C5ZU

Acer Spin3 SP314 SP314-21 SP314-51 SP314-52N SP314-53 SP314-53N SP314-54N

SP314-21-R56W SP314-21-R7H7 SP314-51-548L SP314-51-338Y SP314-51-39WK SP314-51-39XB SP314-51-79NT SP314-51-32Z9 SP314-51-59NM SP314-51-38XR SP314-51-38XK SP314-51-58MV SP314-52N-52PL SP314-53N-77AJ SP314-53N-53SH SP314-53GN SP314-54N SP314-54N-50W3 SP314-54N-77L5 SP314-54N-58Q7 SP314-54N-74V2

Acer Spin3 SP315 SP315-51

SP315-51-79NT SP315-51-54MW SP315-51-34CS SP315-51-757C SP315-51-56Y6 SP315-51-37E7 SP315-51-73UG

Acer Spin5 SP513 SP513-51 SP513-52N SP513-52NP SP513-53N SP513-54N

SP513-51-30EU SP513-51-30G5 SP513-51-311K SP513-51-31R8 SP513-51-321Y SP513-51-32QS SP513-51-34UA SP513-51-37Z4 SP513-51-51D9 SP513-51-56YW SP513-51-57TP SP513-51-5927 SP513-51-59DG SP513-51-59Z7 SP513-51-398X SP513-51-58C2 SP513-51-55CQ SP513-51-55ZR SP513-51-M0ZT SP513-52 SP513-52N-51V2 SP513-52N-530R SP513-52N-33SN SP513-52N-5561 SP513-52N-552K SP513-52N-52PL SP513-52N-566U SP513-52N-5621 SP513-52N-52VV SP513-52N-52PL SP513-52N-8326 SP513-52N-85DC SP513-52-58WW SP513-53N-57RE SP513-54N-56M2 SP513-54N-74V2 SP513-54N-51PV sp513-54n-70pu

Acer Swift 3

SF314 SF314-41 SF314-42 SF314-54 SF314-55G SF314-57SF314-42-R9YN SF314-57-57BN SF314-57-59EY SF314-55G-59EY SF314-54-39BH

Emaks POWER SPECS Input;AC 100-240V50-60Hz;Power65W ;Output 19V 3.42A ;Connector3.0 mm*1.1mm
This Adapter works with Acer Spin 1 3 5 SP111 SP314 SP315 SP513 SeriesSP513-54N-74V2 SP513-54N-56M2 SP513-54N-74V2 SP513-54N-51PV SP513-53N-57RE SP513-54N-58XD SP513-54N-70PU SP513-52N-552K SP314-21-R56W SP314-54N-58Q7 SP314-54N-77L5 SP314-54N-50W3 SP314-54N-74V2 SP314-53N-77AJ SP314-53N-77AJ SP314-52N-52PL SP111 SP111-32 SP111-33P111-33-P1XD SP111-33-P88S SP111-33-C6UV SP111-33-C58B SP111-33-P4VC SP111-32-P6CV SP111-32N
100% New from ManufacturerNew replacement productworks as genuine parts; Built-in overloadover-voltageand short circuit protection; High energy efficiency - friendly to the environmentand your laptop
Warrantyyour repeat business is important for usany questionplease feel free to contact us. we promise that we will help you to solve questions. 24 x 7 Email Support,12 Months warranty30 days money back guarantee

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