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Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Computer UV Filter Lenses Protect from Eye Strain Dry Eyes for Working Gaming Reading NonPrescription for Men and Women One Size Matte Black Blue Light Blocking Glasses Matte Black c18GUKsGd



  • Product Code:c18GUKsGd
  • Availability:In Stock
Perfect UV Protection - Our blue light blocking glasses help to reduce digital eye strain and dry eyes by filtering the blue light rays emitted by the screen while you use your TVcomputerphonetabletor e-book. Don't forget about the safety of your eyes!
High-Quality Materials - We use only transparent lenses to minimize color fringingwhich makes our glasses suitable for graphic designersgamersand readers needs. The frame is made of extremely lightbendy and durable TR90 plastic. Since the frames are so flexiblethey can bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably. The glasses come with a blue light testwiping clothand storage bag for convenient use!
Stylish Design - The blocker glasses can be worn in classat home and at workand as fashion glasses with any outfit. They are unisex and the classic design makes them perfect for men and womenadultsand teens.
Improve Your Sleep - Excessive use of gadgets during the day and especially before bed causes headachesmigrainesand disruption to your sleep pattern. Protecting your eyes is essential to avoid mental and physical fatigueand get your sleep cycle back on track.
100% Money-Back Guarantee - We want you to be absolutely happy with your blue light glasses! If our reading glasses do not work for you for any reasonreturn them for a full refund. You will get 100% money back with no questions asked. You take no risk by ordering today

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