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Canvaslove Lotus Pattern 15 inch Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case With Rebound Bubble Protection for 14 inch156 inch laptop Messenger Shoulder Bags Lotus VDmtbyv4R



  • Product Code:VDmtbyv4R
  • Availability:In Stock

Adapting to new things is obviousso is the adaptation to trends. Fashion changes with time which brings new trends in our life. We always came across some of the trends that we would like to ignore but some are so catchythat you simply cannot ignore. Floral pattern and prints are a perfect example of such a trend. Over the past yearswe have seen so many changes in floral trendswhether it's your skirttopshirt or even jeansfloral prints were seen everywhere and are still in fashion.

You might know that these floral prints are not restricted to dresses onlyyou can also choose your footwearpurse or caps with floral print. To continue this trendCanvaslove has come up with the collection of floral print laptop bags to make you professionally trendy. Canvaslove Floral Pattern Laptop Bag is all set to change your appearance with its bright colorwaterproof rebounded bubble protection with extendable shoulder strap. Now you might think about the other major featureslet's start to explore more in this context.

Canvaslove new design laptop bag is lightweight,large capacity and durable. COMPATIBLE WITHMacbook Pro 15 |14 inch laptop| 15 inch to 15.6 inch laptop
High rebound bubble on the bottom and two side of the bag can protect the laptop from drop and shock
The luggage strap behind the laptop bag help you traveling easily with your laptop
Tow pockets designThe front pocket and inner pocket can hold wallet,penphoneglasses,mousepower cord etc.
Made of waterproof fabric can effectively prevent your device from water and rain

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