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180W 150W AC Charger Fit for MSI GP63 GP73 GL63 GL73 GL65 GL75 GP75 GP65 GE73 GE73VR GE63 GE63VR GE65 GE75 Raider WE63 WE73 WE75 WE65 WT70 PE62 PE72 Raider Gaming Laptop Adapter Power Supply Cord Chargers Adapters Marble scIdrMrPd



  • Product Code:scIdrMrPd
  • Availability:In Stock

This charger has been tested to ensure compatibility with the following MSI laptops

  • GL63 8SC-0598SE-2098SE-0548SE-0138RE-6298RD-221 8RD-067 8RD-0668RC-4998RC-077 8RC-076 8RC-0698RC-0688RC-065
  • GL63 9SEK-850 9SEK-842 9SEK-840 9SEK-6159SEK-6129SEK-4739SDK-8799SDK-623 9SC-0639SDK-611 9SDK-610 9SDK-614
  • GL75 9SEK-056 9SD-072 9SDK-057 9SDK-007 9SDK-063 GL759SEK056 GL759SD072 GL759SDK057 GL759SDK007 GL759SDK063
  • GL73 8SE-0288RD-2828RD-2018RD-0318RD-0108RC-0329SDK-4139SDK-2199SD-4099SC-0289SC-0279RCX-0309RCX-029
  • GE63 RAIDER RGB-053RGB-052 RGB-051 RGB-025 RGB-012 RGB-012 RGB-011 RGB-010Raider-008
  • GE63 Raider RGB-882 Raider RGB-837 Raider RGB-609 GE63VR Raider-075GE63VR Raider-215GE63VR Raider-002WT70 2OL- 1614US
  • WE73 8SK-4878SK-4868SK-2948SK-2938SK-2928SK-2588SJ-2638SJ-2008SJ-0788SJ-0778SJ-076
  • WE63 8SJ-4918SJ-2808SJ-2358SJ-2348SJ-2338SI-2398SI-238 GE65 Raider-234 Raider-052 Raider-431 Raider-432
  • GE75 Raider-050Raider-049Raider-048Raider-023Raider-022Raider-021Raider-287 Raider-1036
  • GE73 RAIDER RGB-013RAIDER RGB-012Raider-008GE73VR RAIDER-003
  • GP75 Leopard 9SE-8889SD-437GP65 Leopard 9SE-225Leopard 9SD-226
  • GL65 9SEK-0659SEK-0249SDK-0399SDK-0269SDK-0259SD-0279SC-002
  • GP73 Leopard-636Leopard-609Leopard-209Leopard-014Leopard-001
  • GP63 Leopard-602Leopard-077Leopard-041Leopard-033Leopard-013
  • PE62 8RD-037 PE72 8RD-011ALPHA 15 A3DD-004ALPHA 15 A3DD-003 ALPHA 15 A3DC-084

Compatible MSI GP63 GP73 GL63 GL73 GL75 GL65 GP75 GP65 GE73 GE73VR GE63 GE63VR GE65 GE75 Raider WE63 WE73 WT70 PE62 PE72 Alpha 15 A3DD P/N GP73014 GP73001 GP73209 GP73609 GP73636 GP63013 GP63041 GP63077 GP63033 GP63602 GE659SE052 GE659SE234 GE75287 GE759SE1036 GE63RGB837 GE63RGB609 GE63RGB882 GP75888 GP75437 GP65225 GP65226 GL639SDK842 GL639SDK840 GL639SDK611 GL639SDK610US GL639SDK614US GL639SDK623 GL638SC063 GL639SDK879 GL639SEK615(Pull Down to The Graphic Details Page to See Other Models!)
All our products have passed UL Listed standardsmeeting the standards of leading American consumer product testing laboratory for electrical safety and design in the United States. Don't buy potentially inferior or dangerous chargers that can harm your laptop or worse!
Lightweightfast and efficient charging. Our chargers are much thiner and more lightweight so that you can keep one in your carrying case for convenient access to power. The LED power indicator makes it easy to know whether your device is charging or not. The anti-jamming magnetic loop design can restrain the interference of power cord and absorb ESD pulses at the same time.
POWER SPECS - Output Max 19.5V 9.23A 180W (19V-9.5A 180W19.5V-7.7A 150W19V-7.9A 150W19.5V-6.92A19.5V-6.15A 120W and 19V-6.3A 120W also compatible!) / Input Volt Range 110-240V / Original MSI Charger Laptop AC Adapter Power Cord Replacement by Nicpower
Service Support We want you to feel free and confident when ordering our chargersthat's why we offer 30 Days No-hassle Return Policy / Manufacturer 12 Months Warranty. If you have any questions or concernsplease email to us at any timewe will definitely respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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