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Handheld Portable Printer Labeler v4ink BENTSAI BTHH6105B2 with 43 Inch HD LED Touch Screen use for QRCode Barcode Production Date Logo Batch Series Number Print on Card Bag Box Wood Glass Plastic Inkjet Printer Ink Black AWwgjSh69



  • Product Code:AWwgjSh69
  • Availability:In Stock

v4ink Bentsai has strong scientific research capabilityconstantly absorbs and innovates advanced technology at home and abroad. We cooperate in productioneducation and researchand has made technological breakthroughs in the MEMS process.

The company introduced the first domestic thermal foaming print head production line to realize the technology localizedand successfully broke the industrial monopoly of foreign industry giants. We can provide professional support and after-sales service according to the different needs of customers. We strive for excellence in technical fields such as print heads and ink cartridges for printing machines.

v4ink BENTSAI BT-HH6105s Handheld Inkjet Printer

Professional Intelligent Jet Code - Lead the new level of Convenient Wide Format Printer Industry

Convertible cartridges Base on your demand

Quick-Drying Solvent Cartridge ---- This v4ink BENTSAI Handheld B2 Printer comes with High-Definition Quick-Drying Ink Cartridge in BlackPrints Clear content with Strong Adhesion.

Water-Soluble Cartridge ---- This v4ink BENTSAI Handheld B2 Printer also can use Water-Soluble Ink Cartridge which print on water-absorbent materials.

Wide Application ----This v4ink BENTSAI Handheld B2 Printer both water-absorbing and almost any porous surfaces. Such as WoodsClothesPaperCarton Box and GlassSteelPlasticAlluminum FoilCable and Other Materials. etc.

Portable Handheld Printer Quality ---- This portable inkjet printer has a 4.3-inch color LCD touch screenthe image display is cleartouch sensitive and accurate.

Supports 11 languages ---- Includes ChineseEnglishJapaneseKoreanGermanSpanishRussianArabicFrenchItalianPortuguese.

Various quality certifications ---- Includes CEFCCKCROHSULMSDSUN38.3.

  • The printer works properly during chargingyou can use it with the plug on for production line.
  • Printer can print on unven surfacebut needs to be used with the positioner plate (provided) when it is needed.
  • Printer can print pictures. Use provided USB to insert the picture with requirement. (JPG or PNG format)
  • This B2 printer does not support file import or export. File can be edit in local memory and save as a job. Can DIY group prints for mutiple jobs (up to 10 jobs).
  • If the ink cartridge is not recognized by your printer. Please contact for chip replacement and assistance.

Wide Applications

Variety of Printable Contents ---- This v4ink BENTSAI Handheld Inkjet Printer can Print a variety of Contents,Including TextsNumbersQr codesBarcodesDIY Logo PicturesTagsDateCounter. Support 1 to 5 Lines of Printing,Font Height up to 12.7mmMaximum Length of Single Printing is 406mmThe Highest Resolution of the Printed Picture is 4800px *150pxPicture Support PNG,JPEG,BMP Format.

Variety of Printing Materials ---- This v4ink BENTSAI Handheld Printer (BT-HH6105B2) can be Printed on a variety of MaterialsWoodCartonStoneMDFLight SteelPipePlasticAlluminum FoilCableCloth and Other porous surfaces. (Note Printing in a Smooth and Straight Position Works Best.)

Simple Direct UI

Provides Clear interface to prevent user errorsease of learning and use.

The on-board capacitive touchscreen on the B2 provides user to search and touch select saved imprints. Allowing effortlessly find and preview the selected imprint before it is printed.

Print Anywhere

Package comes with printing accessoriesprovides roller and metal positioner allows you to print on as many possible surface as you could image.

Place the B2 on surfaces to be printed and press printed and press print button. Move printer along the surfacesprinting automatically follows speed of user.

Secure Protection

Provide perfect match protection covers for printer and ink cartridge. Simply put back on the protect cover back after each use to prolong your printer and ink cartridge lifetime.

Storage case contains everything you need for high quality printing. Provides a very comfortable and ergonomic approach of printing.

Unique Design

The ergonomic and compactdesign is perfect for long shift and any kinds of working condition. Super handy and lightweight tool to add on your bussiness line.

Suitable for all packaging industries fulfills factory floorwarehouseand industrial packaging requirements for product identification.

For better printout performance and ink cartridge maintenace.

--Please cover the protective cover in time to precent the ink cartridge from drying up and blocking the nozzle.

  • Please keep printer in a well ventilated condition and away from wet areasfireflames and static electricity.
  • If its not operating for more than 10 minutesplease put the protective cover back in time to prevent the nozzle from being air-dried and blocked.
  • BT-HH6105B2 works both with solvent fast dry ink and aqueous ink cartridge.
  • The machine from v4ink Bentsai can only use the original cartridge of our companywhich is incompatible with other brands. If forced to useit may burn the machine or the encryption chip.
  • Print on virtually ANY surface with our easy to use Handheld Inkjet Printer. Simply choose what you want to printpress the light weight printer against your printing surfacepull the triggerand slide the printer to print.
    LED Screen for Effortless Use Easily upload images/logos to printor type the text you want to print directly into the LED display on the printer. Maximum printing height 0.5 Inches/12.7 mm
    Perfect for labelling products or packages for EcommercePrint Expiration Dates on supplements or foodLabel and relabel warehouse binsor print on all sorts of surfaces for arts and crafts.
    Ink prints clearly on most surfaces includingglasscementwoodplasticclothfabricsmetalleatherand more. Ink removes easily with rubbing alcohol.
    Package includes everything you need to start 1 V4INK BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer; Original v4ink BENTSAI ink cartridge in black; Power adapter; USB Flash DiskMetal Positioner Template; 1 roller guide for stable and smooth printingand A User manual.
    Secure Certification v4ink Bentsai Handheld Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) has Passed Multiple CertificationsIncluding FCC,ROHS,MSDS,UL,UN38.3
    We have a well-trained and efficient workforce with professional manufacturing capabilities and scientific management mode.We can provide professional technical support and after-sales service according to the different needs of customers. We strive for excellence in technical fields such as print heads and ink cartridges for printing machines.

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