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j5create ScreenCast HDMI Wireless Display Adapter Receiver Mirror Phone Tablet Laptop to HDTV Compatible with MiraCast AirPlay Android Windows 10 PC iOS iPhone Tablet JVAW56 Streaming Media Players GCAKITb lkpj154Op



  • Product Code:lkpj154Op
  • Availability:In Stock

Turn Your TV into a Smart TV

Wirelessly display content from your mobile devices onto a high-definition TV.

The JVAW56 wireless display adapter supports multiple wireless standards including MiracastAirPlayand Google Chromecast. Users can extend their video sources by casting onto a bigger screen with an incredibly simple setup. The wide-ranging compatibility includes WindowsAndroidmacOS and iOS operating systems.

Experience the Visual Rush of 1080P Full HD Video

The wireless display receiver can wirelessly mirror the entire screen of your smartphonetablet or laptop to an HDTV or projectorso you can enjoy 1080P Full HD quality video streamed straight from your mobile device to your big screen TV or projectorwithout compromising on video quality.

No connection via Wi-Fi needed- by creating a dedicated wireless connection directly between your mobile device and TV or projectorit ensures quick and easy setupand so you no longer need to worry about weak Wi-Fi signalsannoying lag timesand video freezing mid-frame. No apps needed either!

Quick and Easy Setup

1. Plug the USB into the built-in USB port on your TV or a USB power adapter (USB extension cable included.)

2. Connect to the ScreenCast via your device's mirroring/display settings and you're ready to share. Note that iPhone/iPad/Mac users will need to connect to the SSID of ScreenCast first via the wireless internet settings on your device.

* For further instructions on how to set up on different operating systemsrefer to the steps in the graphic above or the included quick start guide.

Physical Specifications

1080p HDMI The wireless display receiver can wirelessly mirror the entire screen of your smartphonetablet or laptop to an HDTV or projector
Wide compatibility Works with macOSWindowsAndroidand iOS
2.4G/5G dual band A stable connection is always ensured
USB extension cable included Regardless of the HDTV youre usingyoull be able to connect everything together comfortably
Light and elegant Its size and shape make the JVAW56 an excellent travel accessory

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