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Laptop Cooling Pad Laptop Cooler with 6 Quiet Cooling Fans for 12173 Inch Laptops 4 Wind Modes 7 Height Fan Speed Adjustable Gaming Fan Stable Stand 2 USB Port Blue Led Light Cooling Pads Brown 7c8oO43lI



  • Product Code:7c8oO43lI
  • Availability:In Stock

Large Area Hollow Heat Dissipation

Unique design large area for cooling device.

Nonslip Holder

Special non-slip baffle prevent your laptop following down on slanting surfaceeasy use and open.

Metal Bearing Support Rod

Metal rod can support more heavyso don't worry device weight.

6 Ultra Quiet Fan Adjust Fan Wind Speed in 4 ModesOur laptop cooler with 6 ultra quiet fans. Our laptop cooling pad provide 4 wind modes for you selectand each wind mode have 3 fan speed for choice when use different equipment and occasion.
Unique 7 Height Adjustable Our cooling pad provide 7 height for you selectfree easy adjust suit different laptop and different device bring top cooling performance.
2 USB Port Large Metal Mesh Our laptop cooling pad is quipped with 2 USB portsone port to continuously power the cooling pad while using the other port to connect your mousekeyboard or other device. The large metal mesh provides great heat dissipation performance.
Ergonomic Design Non-Slip BaffleLaptop cooling pad with ergonomic design is comfortable in all-day using. Laptop cooler stand can be hidden when you dont use it. Big non-slip baffle can prevent your laptop following down on slanting surface. Also have enlarged and thickened anti-skid pad at the bottom keep laptop stable.
Wide Application SupportOur laptop cooling pad suitable almost all 12- 17.3notebooksuch as DellMacBook ProAlienwareThinkPadLenovoHPASUSetc. Just feel free to contact us when have any question about laptop cooler.

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